Price Changes and Cost of Ionic Adoption

Just out of interest when did the pricing for the Basic plan increase to $499/mo? I don’t recall seeing a notification.

We currently have 3 seats on the Basic plan so we’re on $219/mo.

Will the prices of our current plan continue to be honoured?
What happens if we want to increase the number of seats, can we still increase at $99 per seat?

I know that Ionic have a business to run but it does seem as though you’ve firmly hitched your waggon to Enterprise customers and therefore the costs associated with Ionic are forcing smaller firms and independent developers to re-consider and look elsewhere.

I’ve fed this back previously to sales but its not just Enterprise apps that want/need solutions such as Identity Vault and Auth Connect. But the cost is a major barrier.

Yes there are community plugins available to achieve some of this functionality but there are challenges in integrating them all together. There does appear to be a trend in the Ionic plugin community of a decreasing amount of activity with many plugins not being maintained.

Without an active and thriving plugin community I do wonder about the future of Ionic outside of the enterprise space.

Community and cost of entry is a factor in choice of framework adoption.

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There are now new community and startup plans available

Startup plan includes native solutions such as Identity Vault, Auth Connect, Secure Storage, and Payments for just 249$/month.
Also includes an Appflow subscription with with advanced features like Live Updates, Automations, and CI/CD integration via the Cloud CLI (plus all the regular features such as Native builds, App publishing, etc.)