Pricing plans and live updates

I just saw that you have changed your subscription plans and removed the “launch” plan which was $49 for a small increase in the limitation on the number of live updates. The new plan (for the same price) is “community” which just removed the deployment feature and the next available is Basic which is $499/month.
We have a base of less than 100 free users for the app, with no financial help, no ads, … and paying $500/month is just not possible for us. Our app is used by a free weight loss association to help with support of a doctor.
Do you think you can allow the old plan again? We only use the deployment features. We don’t need other things at all, like automation, collaboration, native builds, …
Otherwise, we will have no choice but to work on removing the Ionic Framework from the app :frowning: which is also for us few hours of loss.