Can't understand the pricing

Within my team, we’ve been entertaining the idea of using AppFlow for our Capacitor apps. But every time I open the pricing, I can’t understand it.

It’s Live Updates what baffles me in particular. It’s stated in the Q&A at the bottom of the page, that “A single Live Update is one code update to one device.”. As far as I can understand, it means, that if I have 5000 users, I can release new version of code only 5 times a month. Should I happen to release it 6 times, or get my 5001st user, I become an enterprise.

And I simply cannot believe it, and thus I assume I misunderstood something. I would even understand if one could just add 25K more updates for every 120$ - it would still be a bit expensive for a team with 5K users and 6 released a month, but it would make sense. But contacting a sales team if I release one more time or get one more user? An enterprise with 5001 users? I’m definitely missing something. Can someone tell me please if my understanding is correct? :thinking: