How does Ionic Enterprise pricing work?

What enterprice offers and how pricing works? Is there different pricing for individual and company? How customized training works and also how for company teams and how for individual? Inside of those trainings or however you call them are there included Identity vault, Auth connect and offline storage and are all these things works only with enterprice?

I assume Enterprise is - what the name imposes - for enterprises, pretty sure not really suited for individuals or freelance devs.

Just send them a email and ask.
From the past I can say the lads from Ionic are very friendly and helpful.

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Identity vault, Auth connect and offline storage all these are offered only as enterprise?

Hi @pera12345 - Please reach out here - someone will get in touch with you with details.

Pricing varies based on a variety of factors, including company type, number of apps, and what you need from the Platform (Appflow, support native solutions like Identity Vault, etc.)

What if there is no company?

Our team will work with you as best as we can. :slight_smile:

Form asks for business email and company name

Contact sales cant be contacted cuz asks for buissness address and company name @netkow

Any response @netkow ?

@mhartington how does this works, for example if individual wants to implement into apps Identity Vault, Offline Storage and Auth Connect? Individual not company

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