Is there still a option for startups to use ionic?

when i look at the new pricing model, i only see a standart version for 4199 dollars a month, an enterprise sdk and a superapp sdk. i don’t see any pricing for startups or indies anymore. is this option still available?

i can’t find anything at Enterprise-Grade App Development Pricing Plans - Ionic anymore and i don’t see anything from this page that refers to my desired concern?

What you are looking at there is an Enterprise-grade mobile application development package. It includes a lot of features as mentioned on the page, every native solution access, help in the development, implementation and more.

Of course this comes with a huge price.

The Ionic Framework itself is free and open source, so the question is what would you expect for your start up?

If you want to use Appflow (CI/CD), have a look at the appflow plans here

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you were right, sorry i was a bit confused there, what i would need would be appflow. thank you for the help

There is a startup plan which included appflow and native solutions for one app

Just to be all time safe,

If I wanna deploy an ionic app that I upload to the App Store. Do I have to pay anything ? Because capacitor and ionic itself is open source.

Or do I just have to Pay if I wanna get an enterprise app development package that Hans mentioned or if I wanna use app flow ?

Both Ionic Framework and Capacitor are free to use to build your mobile apps and the projects generated can be published in Google Play and Apple Store. But publishing apps has some costs (on the app stores themselves, those cost are not related to Ionic and are common for all app development approaches, doesn’t matter the framework you use)

Those costs are:

Google Play itself has a one time 25 USD fee for account creation.
Apple Store has a 99 USD yearly fee, if you want to keep your app published you have to keep paying.

For publishing your apps in the Apple Store you need an up to date mac computer running up to date macOS, or use a remote service such as appflow, macincloud, etc. to build and publish your app, which cost money.

Hope that’s clear.