Pre-build Considerations


Hi guys

I’d like to build an app on the Ionic platform, but I have a few questions before I dive in.

I’d like to use in app purchases to handle a subscription style service, is this the best solution -> and if so, has anyone implemented it or are there tutorials for Ionic?

Secondly, I’d like to know if Apples ad platform, iAd I think, can be used in my app, if so, any tutorials?

Finally, does Ionic allow for the use of push notifications?

That’s it!


I haven’t tried any of this yet, but Ionic is built on Cordova (aka phonegap) so you should be able to use the same process outlined in that article. Ionic is just a framework for building HTML5 apps that look and feel native, but they still execute inside of a web frame. If its something you can do in Chrome, you’ll likely need some kind of plugin for Cordova to bridge the gap between the web frame and native OS.


See also : In-App Purchases With Ionic


Thanks guys, I’ll give it a try and if I get sorted I’ll write up a tut!