In-app purchase of Apple Store in Ionic


I want to add in-app purchase of Apple Store iOS as they are not approving my app on App Store. In my app, user can use free all things (but for some option they will need to signup/user subscribe). For it, they will need to do some payment. App Store want to user subscription (payment) should be done through in-app purchase of Apple Store. I have tried to find out any tutorial for it but failed. Can you help me to share some solution/code for the same. So I can do what I want.

Subhash Kumar

I have a tutorial for implementing iOS In App Purchases in Phaser (a HTML5 game framework):

Obviously not Ionic, but the concepts are the same, it’s just using a PhoneGap plugin so it doesn’t matter whether it’s in Ionic or anything else - should get you started at least (also keep in mind that particular tutorial is for PhoneGap Build, but you can easily just use regular PhoneGap / Cordova).

Hi Joshmorony

Thanks for your fast reply. Can I test it on iOS simulater/Android phone? I think, it support to both iOS phones and Android.

Hi there,
If you need a functional working example of InAppPurchase integration in Ionic by using Cordova plugins, you may be interested to check out Quizionic App template in CodeCanyon here: