(Polyonic) Your 2.x app on the desktop!


I’ve been working on a project that forked off the original Polyonic to give Ionic 2.x developers a usable framework to deploy their apps to the desktop.

This is currently in beta, and I’m looking for feedback and feature requests to help move it out of beta (Currently supporting MacOS, but other platforms welcome if you want to test!)

There are two pieces: Polyonic and Electrolyte


The goal of Electrolyte is to be able to continue using your Ionic native plugins as you would without any code modification to your app.


The goal of polyonic is to have an easy way to get your app running on a desktop with as little changes as possible.

How you can help

If you have an Ionic 2.x app that you are wanting to port to desktop or want to experiment with that, clone the Polyonic repo and start playing around! The readme has some instructions of how to set up and build on MacOS with one line in the terminal.

Electrolyte is not required, it is just the shim for some Cordova plugins.

Existing apps

Just copy your app source into the /src folder, and then run gulp create from the polyonic directory

New apps

Use the instructions in the readme to get it booting up.

What I need

I don’t have the bandwidth or all the ideas in my head for deploying to desktop and knowing what plugins people really need or want. Having the community help shape these projects would be amazing.

Some fun examples

The Ionic 2.x Conference app demo on desktop in less than one minute:

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Examples look really cool, bookmarked your stuff, will check it out when I have some time.

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Thank you!

Please do :slight_smile: I’d love to get feedback and help figuring out a good direction to head in.