Ionic + Electon, what are the usecases?

I’ve no experience with Electron yet, but I’m curious to use it in the near future.

I read a couple of times about combining Ionic with Electron. I’m kind if confused, why would you do that? Isn’t Ionic specifically for mobile and Electron specifically for Desktop? Wouldn’t you just get a limited mobile UI in a Desktop App? That’s something I personally wouldn’t want at all.

What are good reasons and ways to combine them both? Is it just a way to quickly port an App from one to the other? Isn’t it better to put all the generic code into reusable libraries and then build the UI stuff from scratch in either of them?

Just curious what are the possibilities and motivations.

You can build Desktop worthy UI in Ionic by default - or just use Ionic as the base you build on with your own UI, so deploying this via Electron is a nice way to get cross platform Desktop native apps out of it. Of course these won’t be Office like apps, but anything that can be used on a big tablet can also be used on a desktop PC.

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I appreciate your opinion but I think it’s a really bad idea. The UI aspects of Mobile and Desktop are almost completely different. Except for games, I think the App would be crippled by default.

Keep in mind that this kind of thinking was at the basis of the failure of Windows 8.