Coraline: linux native ionic

I use ionic and cordova to build lots of Android (and some Windows) apps, and was relying on cordova-ubuntu to host native Linux apps (such as device druid).

As I was about to create a fresh, ionic-based, version of druid, I was upset to find the underlying cordova-ubuntu very dead.

So I’ve created (and released under the GPL) Coraline, a webkit based wrapper for ionic apps that supports native plugins (so we can access BLE, native dialogs etc), just like on any other platform.

I’d like to hear from anyone who gives it a spin. I’d also really like to get feedback/help from the ionic team in order to ease integration with ionic.

Though Coraline is independent of the old cordova/Qt stuff and doesn’t need all the QML ubuntu-sdk shenanigans to work, I’ve ported a few of these Qt-based plugins and am currently working on a system that will facilitate re-use of all those wonderful existing “ubuntu” plugins, in the hopes that I can convert many to a more generic “linux” plugins so we can get our apps working on the penguin!

Thanks for any input, pointers, assistance on this front.

And happy new year :slight_smile:

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