Please help me figure out my Backend

I will admit that I am currently so lost right now because there seems to have so many solutions and ways to do thing and I am just getting into the world of Angular and Nose.JS let alone Ionic and NoSQLs etc. I’ve been making websites using JS, PHP, MYSQL for some times.

What I would like to achieve is an Angular admin panel accessible from a domain name. The admins can do a bunch of stuff, add jobs on a shedule, add/remove users etc., load a map to see where their people are. Push notifications to the user on the app when a job is added.

Now the app part will be on mobile device and user need to login and there he can review his jobs. I need to implement background geolocation every 5 minute to send location to server IF someone is currently watching the map from the admin menu on website. I need to notify the admin when a job was completed.

Anyway, you get the idea, these a just some of the things I need to achieve. From what I understand Firebase has some pretty cool real-time database stuff but it sucks when it come to more complexe queries. I saw Node.js servers with combined with mysql but would that be accesible aswell from the domain name admin panel? Should I create a restful API in PHP from my domain name to use on the App, but, then how to achieve real-time notifications etc.

I’m kind of lost with all these things right now and I would like to figure out the way to start my project. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate.