Backend to hook up with Ionic/ AngularJS

Hi all,

I wanted to pick your thoughts on back end development.

I understand AngularJS has some inbuilt stuff to deal with backend like $http calls to say a SQL database? How do I alter codes dealing with a Firebase backend to a SQL backend?

$http and $resource are like php?
how about django, rails, java or even node.js?

Can anyone help guide me to some useful resources for me to change my code ? I need some demo app if preferably to study the codes!

If you use Firebase, you’re in luck. AngularFire is a thing. See:

As for PHP, Java, Node, etc you just need to be able to accept an HTTP request. It’s just a normal AJAX call at the end of the day.

 	//Do Stuff

is roughly equivalent to…

var xhr = XMLHttpRequest;
	if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200)
		var response = xmlhttp.responseText;
		//Do Stuff

$http is just an abstraction with added promise support.

This tutorial may also help:

thanks @andrewmcgivery. I have it now in Firebase but I hope to replace it with something else. Think Firebase does so much that I dont understand whats going on.

I need some guide as to how to do the replacement.