Real Time Location Tracking

Hi, all I’m working on an app that should track its users in real time(just like the uber app) and shows the track to the admin. There is only one app which has both admin panel as well as user panel, so the admin will see the tracking on the same app, but It won’t be visible to the users.
I just want to know how to do it.
Any help is appreciated.

In my mind, one or two apps does’nt change anything. You have to build a backend, which stores the locations of the users , and the admin app/panel retrieves and display it.
I would use a pouchdb database to sync, (ibm/cloudant offers it)

I do have a backend that stores the lat long but I want to display the route as Uber shows on map.

how to find the shortest route? That’s your question ?

Not an easy job. You have to know the length between each node of the route, then apply an algrithm…

my first thought would be to pay some service/api to do that for me…

How do you restrict tracking data to only authorized users?

I’ve used provider that that separates the users from admin according to their id and the home page and all the pages for both are different.

No, that’s my bad. I was confused but it’s clear that I don’t have the end point, so uber doesn’t make any sense. All I want is marker type real-time tracking of the user.

I remember a tutorial form josh morony with gmaps…there should be many tutos about adding a pin on a map

I did go through few tuts but somehow they are complicated enough for me. I just want a simple step by step tutorial. if you can suggest any it would be very helpful.

If I’m not wrong then using the api is a paid service isn’t it??

if you exceed the free limit, yes. (expensive…)

I did go through the tutorial but it was not meant for real-time tracking.
Bdw thanks.

I don’t understand what you are saying, but any attempt to do security inside an Ionic app is totally fruitless. It must be done on the server.

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I do have a database on the server which has all the info of the users and admins, when a person logins it checks the credential on the server and gives me a response based on the response I differentiate the admin and users and navigate them according to their roles.

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Could you please suggest something about the real-time tracking stuff??

I actually built exactly the same, interested to discuss?

  1. App for customers and drivers.
  2. Showing real time location of driver.
  3. Saving all order details,customers,history of location of drivers on a dashboard for admin

Try WebSockets for live tracking. You have to configure the socket on server side and than on client side. You can configure on nodejs backend and ionic very easily.

Sure we can discuss about it.

Can you please suggest me a tutorial of the same.