PhoneGap vs Titanium vs Ionic vs other


Hey guys,

Could someone tell me what are the differences between these frameworks and why one should choose ionic?

Do we have pros and cons?

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PhoneGap is not an application framework perse. It’s a wrapping framework you can use to create a hybrid mobile application. It also serves as a layer between JavaScript and smart device native functions.

Titanium is application framework you can use to create REAL native applications using JavaScript code, which is recompiled into native code. Nice approach but I don’t like it as much as Xamarin. React Native can also be put into this category. Unlike Ionic, Titanium will create a real native app, unfortunately, from my experience they suffer from memory leaks. They never fixed this issues, even after several years.

Ionic is mobile application framework you can use to create native mobile applications. Unlike Titanium, Ionic will use JavaScript (AngularJS) wrapped into Cordova/PhoneGap frameworks. This is an easier approach than Titanium/Xamarin but currently you still can’t have full native feeling.

Other frameworks – Google them


Thanks Gajotres, appreciate it!:smiley:


I am using Phonegap/ Phonegap Build and ionic cli (with Cordova) and boths are working fine ;).

like Gajotres Titanium follows another approach than cordova/phonegap apps.

next year hopefully angularjs 2.0 will be released and maybe some pre versions of ionic 2.0 --> so let the web components rule the frontend-world :slight_smile: