Ionic vs AppGyver Steroids. What is the main difference between the two. And what are the cons of AppGyver?

As my title says how is Ionic and Appgyver different. What are the cons of Appgyver?

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Appgyver is a framework built on steroids.js for cordova/phonegap hybrid apps.

Ionic is a UI framework built on Angular.js for cordova/phonegap hybrid apps.

Other than that, I’m not sure. But I’m sure ionic is much better… :wink:

But for reals, Ionic and AppGyver both are free frameworks for hybrid apps based on cordova. AppGyver has some extra features and cloud services already in existence and Ionic’s has got some stuff in the works.

Basically it’s about the underlying framework. Since ionic uses angular, its much more widespread and known through out the community. Ionic also takes advantage of Angular’s concepts of Directives to create reusable, and understandable components.

I won’t tell you any cons, since my opinion will be a little one sided. But I can tell the obvious differences that make the two unique.

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The main reason why I switched from Appgyver to Ionic is that it’s nearyl impossible to use additionals phonegap/cordova plugins because your (final) app will be compiled in the Appgyver cloud and so often the requirements (for the plugin) couldn’t be met.

E.g. I had problems with the AdMob and Push plugin which are now working without any hassle with Ionic.
Although Appgyver offers you some Plugins but you have to pay for these.


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Thanks for that. Can Ionic make demos of both CSS and Javascript downloadable just the way jquery mobile does it.

We got some stuff in the works but for now, a good place to check out some demos in our codepen account.

Or if you download the main repo, there is a demo folder

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Thanks a lot. The demos folder was what I was looking for. Please keep the community support this way. It really helps a lot.