Why Ionic?



I come from a software development/web development background. I really want to get into mobile development. I have been looking at a few framework (not tried any yet) such as phonegap and ionic (to create hybrid apps). Can someone tell me what benefits IONIC has over phonegap?



Ionic has no benefits over phonegap coze you need both :smiley:

First of all Cordova/Phonegap are the basis for hybrid apps with Ionic.
In short words it does give you the UiWebView where your app is loading something like a browser. (soon we can replace it with WKWebView (faster!))

Ionic is a Framework like Bootstrap or Kendo UI etc…
the difference between others and Ionic is, they did concentrate on making a high-performance mobile framework built with AngularJs.

if you want a more detailed overview search for mobile frameworks at Google or Bing :smiley:
something like this: http://moduscreate.com/5-best-mobile-web-app-frameworks-ionic-angulalrjs/

i hope i could help you.


That makes more sense. Thanks.