Ionic - Cordova - PhoneGap

Hello. I’m newbie.
I began to learn about mobile app and i want to star it.
I’ve found a lot of documentation and framework about that.
I’ve install android studio and want start my app…
I can’t understand different between Ionic - Cordova - PhoneGap
Are they all framework ?

I know Ionic is a framework with beautiful css and easy feature . I’ve install all… but make a big confusion.
I must install before Cordova , next Phonegap and next Ionic ?
With the command “phonegap add platform” in promt windows , i create android folder in cordova app.
But… i can make the same with Ionic … “ionic add platform android” for example…
There is different ? platform android generate by Ionic or from PhoneGap?

Can I create only with Ionic and forget phonegap ?

When the command will execute…a lot of folder will create… i 've lost myself

Ionic - An open source UI Library for building hybrids app on top of Angular

Cordova - The open source project for creating native apps with HTML, CSS, and JS

Phonegap - The Adobe branded version of Cordova.

You can think of Cordova and Phonegap as Webkit to Safari.

Cordova is the open source bits, and phonegap is the corporate branded version of cordova.