Is Ionic build on phone gap framework?

I want to create an app for my site which is possible with Phone gap and jquery for mobile. Can I use these frame works with Ionic? are these already part of ionic? Please throw some light on this area as I am new to Ionic.

The required components for my project are
jQuery: 1.8.3
jQuery Mobile: 1.3.0
Apache Cordova: 2.4.0

Totally. I just built an app up on Phonegap a few minutes ago! I am using the NodeJS version of Ionic, but you can certainly compile your HTML version the same way.

Phonegap now draws from repositories, so as long as your code is accessible through a version control system like Github or Bitbucket, all you have to do is pull the latest commit and Phonegap will build it.

Alternatively, (and especially as you go to production) you can build your Phonegap package locally. There are loads of tutorials available, none of which I have bookmarked.

I am just coming out of a 1-year dev cycle for a different app, and I would urge you to STAY THE F*** AWAY from jQuery Mobile! It is bloated, slow, and feature-limited, and I had massive troubles trying to fix style and JS bugs across platforms (iOS, android, win, BBOS). I am just starting to dive into Ionic with Node / Angular and it’s a learning curve but already it has outperformed jQuery Mobile. I will NEVER look back to jQM!

It has taken me roughly 10 hours to start getting a handle on Angular. It’s hard… and beautiful. I am finally starting to recognize patterns.

Ionic Framework is best framework.

I should also mention that jQuery Mobile is a framework in a similar way that Ionic is a framework. Both platforms provide UI elements, Javascript interaction and general front-end stuff. Ideally, they would not be used together as they have similar goals.

jQuery Mobile uses jQuery, and Ionic uses Angular. A deciding factor here may be how familiar you are with either toolset.

The back-end is handled by you, however you see fit… whether it be localStorage, a database of sorts, or API integration. Both toolsets have methods for data storage and AJAX events, and Cordova libraries (native mobile device integration) work on both frameworks.

Mixing these frameworks would probably be a disaster and I see no reason to do so.