Payments Security in Ionic/Phonegap

Hi everyone, I’m planning to build a hybrid app involving credit card payments. I have been trying to learn more about all the security aspects of Phonegap/Cordova and still have some more questions.

How vulnerable are hybrid apps when using payment gateways (like Stripe, CardConnect, etc.)?

I’m using the whitelist feature and I’ve read about encrypting hybrid iOS apps but have been unable to actually make that work. All the payment code is on the native side but I will have a custom plugin Has anyone implemented payment gateways here and knows more?

Since its top result in google. Anyone can reply ?

Really shouldn’t be any different that an iOS or Android app. They all work the same with Stripe. The client connects to Stripe securely, creates a token, and the token is used to process the payment.

Yeah it was really simple. I used plugins for Stripe and this company called CardFlight (they have credit card readers for iPad) – usually I just passed order info to the plugin and let all the transaction related stuff happen on the native side (I had to personally build a custom plugin for my use)