Apple Pay and Google Pay do they work on Ionic?

I see there are a lot of old questions asking about apple pay and google pay with no real answers.
I need to see if its possible for potential project.
I see there is a cordova plugin for apple pay but it looks as if it may not work well with Ionic from some posts I have seen.

Has anyone every used this with Ionic or heard of this working?

Any help appreciated!

It looks like there is no plugin for google play and google pay web is not supported for hybrid devices. It was pretty hard to find any information on this. I did see a reference to using BrainTree however could not find much on this.

Looks like this is something that would need to be done in a native Android app.

here some payment Integrations, we can use with ionic.

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Also the latest version of Stripe Checkout includes Apple Pay and Google Pay built in. Works great using fingerprint id.


Hey Wekas!

How did you get Stripe Checkout working in an Ionic app? I struggled with the success and failure URLs. Please could you share your implementation? Hugely appreciated brother! :slight_smile: