Apple and Google Pay Options

Does anyone know if there are any options available for integrating Apple Pay and Google Pay into an Ionic 6 app other than the paid for Premium Integration offered by Ionic. I’m struggling to find alternatives to that - unless I’m just looking in the wrong place. The Awesome Cordova Plugins package doesn’t seem to have anything?

capacitor stripe wotks pretty well

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Do you know Apple pay method is secure or not on 3rd party apps?

capacitor plugin uses the official ios and android sdk, so i think is secure

thanks @ciccilleju presumably you mean using this plug-in? Are you using it yourself - does it work ok with the latest versions of iOS and Android and with Ionic 6 ? I see there are one or two issues in the issues list that make me a little wary.

Yes I use that plugin and works fine, never had an issue

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Apple Pay and Google Pay have revolutionized the way we pay for goods and services.