Not really an ionic question: sql/data backend recommendation?

hey guys im developing an app for my startup company , its a mobile documentation system.

i got ionic down now , but right now the test version just saves to a json on the phone,

but i need a databackend which i can use to save the data from the app to , and i need to be able access it in office to easliy access and print the data to a template.

im pretty new to all this stuff , but i looked up the ionic native solutions and it seems i can only use them for local data … maybe some of you guys know a good solution which works through online servers and is a good fit …

i played with the idea to use google sheets as databackend???

any help is appreciated

I’m not clear on what you’re envisioning with the whole “access it in office” bit, but I think the most important decision you have to make is whether you want relationships in your data. This is a topic about which probably lots of doctoral dissertations and even more rando blog posts have been made, so feel free to solicit other opinions. I used to use NoSQL-type databases for complex and extensible, yet siloed datasets and Postgres for everything else, but ever since Postgres added JSON types, I have stuck with it for everything.

thanx man,

ok ill try to explain it correctly :

our company is a pest control service and we provide bug, mouse and rat monitoring to our customers(mostly restaurants).

That means we place several monitor stations throughout the restaurant and look them up once a month if they attracted a rodent/bug or not .

i need to save the clients, a mask for each client (with every monitoring station ) , and when we come back then we look them up and record the infestation level , the poison we used and some other properties into the app …

that means we need to save one dataset for the specific date for the specific client …

then, back at buro, we need to be able to access that data NOT from the android phone BUT from the pc. and create a report and and update and excel list for the client.

thats why i need a database which i can access from both the phone AND the pc … and it should be able to save lots of data , a json file might get too big in the long run and drag the app down

ok i think firebase will be my solution , being new to all of this we gotta learn