Best database to use with my ionic apps

Hii, I am newbie in develop apps,
now i have progress design apps to connect database.
could you help me to choice which database easy to connect and to learning with my apps using ionic angular.??
is it SQL lite, mongodb,or mysql??

Decision tree:

Where do I want my data to be stored? On the same device my app is running (A), or somewhere out in the Internet (B)?

How do I need to retrieve it? Do I really need SQL with all of its queries and multi-table joins (1) or can I manage to schema the data so that everything has a unique ID and I can always just fetch things by their ID (2)?

A1: SQLite, but triple-check your answers and make sure you really need to be here, because most people initially think this is where they want to be, but often end up wishing they were in A2 instead.
A2: Ionic Storage.
B1: I use and recommend PostgreSQL here, but if for some reason you prefer MySQL, do at least consider MariaDB instead
B2: I’m not a fan of this quadrant, so I’m not particularly versant in the alternatives, but here is where MongoDB lives.

I would recommend firebase.
Cloud Firestore for simple CRUD operations.
Firebase Storage to store media and other heavy data files.

The benfit of using Firebase is that you don’t have to work much on the backend, whereas the only downside is the limited read and writes which is sufficient for less traffic. However you can buy more quota.

That’s a bold statement. Personally, I’d consider “you have to trust Google with the sanctity of your data” a fairly significant downside, but maybe that’s just me.

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