Do I still need a backend other than a database? :)

I’m writing a couple of apps in Ionic whose purpose will be of reading and writing data from and to a database: both operations consist of exchanging JSON with the database.
In this case, do I still need a backend like a PHP?
Is there any database which exposes RESTful methods to perform queries, and that “answers” JSON natively?
I’ve found an npm package for PostgreSQL, named “psql-api”, which “accept POST/PUT/GET/DELETE http methods and respond with a JSON data object” (from psql-api documentation): but it runs on Node.js. It wouldn’t be an issue at all, but I’m looking for something truly native.
I’m totally new to noSQL, but for this implementation I have no constraints about using any type of database, even non-relational ones.
Any hint?
Thanks in advance

Firebase is the answer for my needs. Plus it’s real-time. Check it out:

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