Which Database should I use?

Hello, currently I am not very familiar with ionic. I am not sure which database (sqlite, mysql, firebase …) I should use. For my app, I have to read some prepared datas out of the database and I must write also new generated datas in the database. The database should not be local, so that I can see and share all entered datas on other devices. In best case, the database should installed on my 1und1 webspace.

It would be fine, if you can recommend a database and maybe also a documentation to install / use the database.

Thank you in advance and best regards.

To follow and see what is advised.
I am working on an app where the user will be able to create ads so there will be recording reading and editing of the data.
I thought used sqlite but may be other proposal

I use and recommend PostgreSQL.

thanks for you reply

Hi Frd,
May be better for other in mysql,bcoz access very easily and understand for good.So i preferred mysql.

okay thank you karthikaivel

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I think this depend on your web space you bought from 1und1.

Is it a simple host package or a kind of server.

Hello Jacktoolsnet, it is a simple host package with endless use of mysql databases.

So I think this is the answer to your question. If you want to use your web package you have to use php to build your rest api and MySQL as database.

If you want to use something different you have to upgrade your package to a vserver or something like that. Than you can install and use what you want.

If it depends on my web package I know that I have to use mysql. But it is important for me to use a database which good useable to ionic 3. If there is a better option than mysql I would invest resources for another solution.


my english is not so good, so maybe I understood it wrong.

But if I understood it correct, ionic doesn’t care what kind of database you run server side. You must take care that server understand your request and ionic side understood the post. Where request or post came from is not important.

Firebase is different, because this is not only a database.

Best regards, anna-liebt

Best regards, anna-liebt

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Then anna_liebt has the right answer to your question.

So many questions need to be asked and answered, preferably in the form of a Functional Specification, before your specific question can be answered. As a systems architect, I use a formal process to shake out the business requirements, functional requirements (short and long term), security requirements (sensitivity of data, enforcement of IT security policies, legal etc. l), reliability, and other analysis. I read your problem as a matter of data synchronization between a mobile device and a centralized database.

If your data is not relational as it needs to be manipulated on the mobile device (regardless of the structure of data on the server), IndexDB is perfectly fine and comes for free in any web browser or web view. Then you need not even develop using Cordova plugin (or such). I’ve built a very sophisticated enterprise system with mobile app data synchronization using IndexDB for local storage on the device. The server runs a REST service for synchronization to back end persistence layer, mediated through a business tier. And the REST API for the mobile device is just an information model exchange interface. The back end implementation representation data, whether in a relational database, NoSQL, etc. should not be exposed in the client API. It makes your linkage between the client and the server brittle.

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