Ng-click-active in ionic.css

I just looked in the rendered ionic.css because I am having issue on Android devices: I don’t have visual feedback when I press and hold a button down for exemple. In angular, I usually use the ng-click-active style for this as specified in the angular doc here:

But when I look in the rendered ionic.css file, I don’t see this anywhere. For exemple, for button class, I found and .button:active classes, but no class. I believe this is an issue if we are using ng-touch.

Thanks for any clue on this.

Also, many big thanks to the Drifty team for this excellent framework which is making my life easier. You guys rock :wink:

I actually do not recommend ngTouch and wrote about it here:

However, our current setup may be missing what you need. I’ll create an issue and look into it to make sure the .active class is correctly working. Thanks

yes, I noticed it in the angular bundle: there is an ionic.ui.touch module which seems similar to ngTouch. thanks for the feedback.