NgTouch dependency or the plain built in fastClick implementation?

Should I use the ngTouch dependency for click events like ng-click or remove the ngTouch dependency and just use the built in fastclick implementation provided by ionic. I have seen in the form that ngTouch when combined with ionic fires ghost clicks and events fire many time because of event propogation.

Ionic has a very customized click handler that is specific to it’s scroll implementation. ngTouch is going to interfere with it.

You can and should still be using ng-click but you don’t need ngTouch for it. Just don’t include it in your <head> and don’t inject it into your module definition. Leave that to Ionic.

Hi Calendee. Thanks for the reply. I see that click without ngTouch is really fast. But one thing I am experiencing is that touch on buttons are really slow. I mean I should tap and hold on for about a 100ms in order for the button to reach active state.

That should not be the case.

Please provide:

  • Ionic version?
  • Desktop or Device?
  • If device, what platform and version?
  • A CodePen sample that demonstrates problem.

I am rebuilding it again. Earlier no button had ng-click attribute set. Now I have set the attribute and I will re-build it. But as of now without the ng-click attribute buttons usually take a tap and hold event for around 100ms to get into active state. I am using the latest ionic version. It happens both on desktop(latest Chrome and Linux Mint) and Mobile devices(Android 4.2.2). I will provide code pen example in a moment.