Active css not working on andoird


The css for active state works fine in browser but not at all in android device/emulator
i have defined some classes and following html

< a class=“fg-white bg-active-darkBlue button” style=“background-color:#3B5998;”>Sign in with Facebook< / a >

even tried this (got on ionic forum)

< a ng-mousedown=“class=‘bg-active-darkBlue’” ng-mouseup=“class=‘bg-dark’” menu-close class=“fg-white {{class}}”>Sign in with Facebook< / a >

tried for a,div and button tags.
still not working on android, please help.

How to add active background color to link when touched

What kind of css are you using? I’ve tested this on a windows laptop with a touch screen, android, ios, and it worked fine for me.

  background: #00B2EE;


thanks that worked, I did not knew ionic adds more classes when element is touched!