Active css not working on andoird

The css for active state works fine in browser but not at all in android device/emulator
i have defined some classes and following html

< a class=“fg-white bg-active-darkBlue button” style=“background-color:#3B5998;”>Sign in with Facebook< / a >

even tried this (got on ionic forum)

< a ng-mousedown=“class=‘bg-active-darkBlue’” ng-mouseup=“class=‘bg-dark’” menu-close class=“fg-white {{class}}”>Sign in with Facebook< / a >

tried for a,div and button tags.
still not working on android, please help.

What kind of css are you using? I’ve tested this on a windows laptop with a touch screen, android, ios, and it worked fine for me.

  background: #00B2EE;

thanks that worked, I did not knew ionic adds more classes when element is touched!