Buttons on Android don't have visual feedback on tap

Hi all.
I have built the StarterApp (Adopt Pets) app for Android, and when I tap the “Adopt” button in the “adopt” view, the button doesn’t change color: there is no visual feedback. This is somewhat CSS related I think. I have also added an ng-click attribute and bound it to something, but I still have no feedback.

Note I: if I test the app on Chrome on my desktop, the button does change color on click. But if I use the Emulator in Chrome Dev Tools, and emulate with Nexus 5, you’ll notice there is no visual feedback when you tap the button.
Note II: this is one of the reasons I can’t use ionic for live stuff because of this small but important issue.
Note III: here is a video showing the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rO3JS2WlZo

See these :

I’ve updated the issue to point out your examples.