Buttons do not get active state (without using angular!?)

Dear all,
I am developing an application using the ionic framework without using any angularjs functionalities. Actually I only use the css-parts, which gives a really nice looking user interface.
The problem, which I’ve noticed: Using ionic buttons, I do not get any visual feedback, when I click on one of these. I’ve check the css-file and as far as I see, the :active part is included…

Do I miss something? Are the different buttons states limited to the angular part? Check the link below for an example. You won’t get any visual feedback, when you click on the button: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/oXKJGM
Checking the official demo, visual feedback is definitely included: http://ionicframework.com/docs/components/#outlined-buttons

Thanks in advance for any tips.

If you’re testing it in the Android environment, you’re out of luck. :active state works only on a anchor tags like <a> tag. Though it should work just fine in a desktop browsers.

Hey Gajotres,
Thanks for your answer. As far as I’ve understood, I have to wrap my buttons into an anchor-tag?! And by doing so, I should get the the visual feedback once I click (in desktop browser) or tab (on mobile device) on the corresponding buttons?!
I’ve updated my codepen-snippet, and wrapped two buttons in an a-tag, but unfortunately I have no success:

Do I have you understood correctly?
Thanks for your time.
All the best,

I personally never tried that but you should search this forum, I know of several developers who managed to solve this problem.