New Ionic project to come : v1 or v2?


I’m about to begin a new Ionic project very soon and I’ve some questions :

  • What is the actual status of Ionic v2 ? Do I have to start my project with legacy Ionic or can I use the v2 right now?
  • I’ve found some cool templates for my project on, are they compatible with v1, v2 of Ionic?

Maybe I’ve to wait before begin the dev process of the project if v2 is not stable yet

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:


Just go for V2.

Even if there are still some issues, the current version is actually quite stable.

They are really close to release an RC version, and Angular 2 final will arrive very soon as well.

There will not be breaking changes between the current version and the upcoming one for V2, and a very good "how to upgrade"guide will be given by the ionic team at each new milestone they reach.

I believe Ionic2 is completely revolutionary compared to Ionic1, you have no idea how pleasant it is to work with it. So just go for it !