Starting a new Ionic project soon, wait on 2.0?

If I am planning a new project that will use Ionic, Angular, and Cordova, what are my best options? I already have documentation and specs written, so should I just wait on Ionic 2 builds? Looking at Angular 2 and being a bit concerned about how radically different it is, it seems like starting on the current version of ionic would be a big time sink. Sure, we’d learn a bit about the platform but then throw most of it away in the near future when moving to Ionic 2 and Angular2 since there is no clean migration pattern from what I can tell.


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my project is somewhere in the begin, i have the same question…
and i guess only the staff can answer

so if any of the staff look this topic please answer
will it be hard to update to 2.0?

From the very brief time I have looked at Angular2 there is no upgrade path; you have to touch most everything so it looks like a LOT of work will be involved to go from 1.x to 2.x Ionic+Angular.

It will probably be a long time until stable 2.0 builds are pushed out… especially since 1.0 isnt GA yet… Ionic is going to have full support for 2.0 and are working with the angular team so I wouldn’t sweat it. I would start your project using the current version of ionic and worry about upgrades next year


OK, great, that’s what I needed to hear. I’ll read up on the best practices in order to make a transition from ionic 1 -> ionic 2