Ionic v2 in production



  • Is it recommended to start a new project that ships in e.g. 3 months with Ionic 2?
  • Or would you (starting today) still recommend Ionic 1?
  • How many RCs will there be until Ionic 2 is released? When will this be?



You seem to be looking for some kind of official answer, all I can give you is my 2 cents:

  1. I would absolutely start with Ionic 2. We currently have three Ionic 2 apps in production already and are super happy that we did the switch.
  2. Not ever would I start a Ionic 1 app, it feels brittle and hacky compared to what we have now. In fact, we are migrating (or re-writing?) all old apps.
  3. Not sure why you ask that. Ionic 2 is more stable than Ionic 1 ever was and updating between RCs in Ionic 2 has been pretty easy so far. Not sure what you expect from a 2.0.0 release.

Though, this would depend very much on what team you have available. Ionic 2 is a whole new beast, just like Angular 2 is to Angular. It is harder than before, in the sense that you have a lot to learn when you come from Ionic 1.

But the payoff (more stability, more performance, etc.) is worth it to me.