Ionic 2 - JavaScript?

Hi, I’m a V1 kinda guy still learning V2. Every time I put my V1 www folder into the V2 structure it all loads but it’s keep self-generating/deleting my .js files and script tags requests.

Can someone please tell me how to incorporate my js folder and request my script tags so it doesn’t automatically delete my js files and cause me to have to redevelop my whole app.

Much appreciated!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think this is going to happen. V1 and V2 are drastically different beasts, and you are in for a rewrite.

Right, that’s stupid… They’re already working on a v3, this version better have a way to convert/upgrade previous builds to the current… They don’t want to run their name into the ground.

Ionic 1 is built around AngularJS. Ionic 2 is built around Angular 2, which is quite a bit different from AngularJS. The Angular team is on record saying they expect a breaking change every six months or so, going forward. It’s worth considering other frameworks. I did some research though, and I convinced myself that Angular and Ionic were the best available. You may decide differently.

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Nothing is stupid. Ionic 2 IS NOT an upgrade for Ionic 1. You might be confused with v1 and v2 and think of it as an upgrade.

If you are still learning ionic 2, then you can think of converting from Ionic 1 to Ionic 2 as learning curve :slight_smile:
If not, then I suggest you to stick with ionic 1 as the concept is mostly different. Ionic 1 already used in many production environment and considered stable enough.

Also, Ionic 3? where did you get this v3 rumour?

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@AaronSterling yeah, but Ionic Staff said on their youtube that Ionic 2 is going to become the primary (only) version soon. If you try coding in Ionic V1, you’ll notice all the scripts became deprecated so there’s no Ionic functionality. But, I haven’t been keeping up with Ionic lately just annoyed I apparently have to redo my app a third time.

@wienzzz Install npm install -g ionic@beta you’ll get version Ionic V3. :wink: (It’s like broken though, I had it on my linux and had to downgrade to ionic v2.

Ionic-cli, ionic-angular, and ionic-app-scripts are all completely separate entities that move at different paces. Thinking of “ionic” as a monolithic entity is a very common source of misunderstandings on these forums. If you have problems with a particular version of a particular component of the ionic ecosystem, and want to help contribute to improving it, that would be great, and I’m sure if you file an issue against the appropriate repo it would help everybody improve the framework. However, I’m not seeing a whole lot of value in comments like “It’s like broken though” and “that’s stupid”.

I can’t state my own opinion?
If they were all so “separate” they would work together. :wink:

Are you soliciting assistance in solving a problem, or just venting?

So, the forms are only for questions and no off topic, feedback, communication, etc? Real mature.

I’m not saying what the forums are or aren’t for. I’m just trying to figure out what you’re looking for. If you want help with something, I’ll try to help. If you want to complain, I’ll get out of your way.

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I did say a v3 was coming out, right?

But, I did say it was coming out. Didn’t I? :wink: Lol.

That’s semantic versioning numbering. You could sort of think of Ionic 3 as Ionic 2.1. It’s not the same as the leap from Ionic 1 to Ionic 2.

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