My app is finally available on iOS App store and one more reason for Ionic Deploy

My app, Where is it, is live on app store after approximately waiting for 10 days for review. Android version, , was available within 2 hours of uploading.

This has made me realise the importance of Ionic Deploy. If I have to change a letter in the description, I have to resubmit and wait for the app store approval process and again it might take so long for iOS app store to approve. I think Ionic should focus more on Deploy rather than push as there are good & free (also) push services available to work with cordova apps. I am pretty sure that many developers already have their solution in place for push. What an app needs is OTA updates, which as far as I know, no company is giving out of the box.

After Deploy, Analytics is on second priority, at least for me.


This is cool!
I used to do this internally for our company earlier. And also this is available for react native too: