Updating to Android and IOS App stores

I am getting near to finishing our Ionic project and submitting our app to the android and apple app stores.

My question is what happens when I want to make an update to the app content - do I have to go through the submission process to the app stores or is it an easy process?

Could anyone recommend a good link which discusses how to push an update to an app?

Yes, you upload an updated build of your app to the stores. For Android it will just be released, but for iOS your will have to wait a day or two for the review.

Alternatively you can use something like Ionic Deploy to update the content of your app directly: http://ionicframework.com/products/#updates


Have you any more details on Ionic Deploy? - I have looked at the website but apart from the sentence

Push hot code updates, content changes, A/B tests, and bug fixes in real time before and after your app is in the app stores, with Ionic Deploy.

it does not given any further details.

Google for “Ionic Deploy” and read what you find. This will give a good picture.

Be aware that 95% of what you are reading are for the old Ionic Deploy though. Functionality is the same, but technical details are completely outdated as the new one uses a whole new plugin and API.

If you like that, go here and read the actual “documentation” of the new offering: https://ionic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/115003254547-Ionic-Deploy

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@Sujan12 Thanks will definitely be using Ionic Deploy!