Dumb question about Deploy

The name “Deploy” implies that it is possible to deploy an app from apps.ionic.io directly to a device, rather than from Google play?

Is this possible, or does my app still need to be submitted to Google play to be deployed to new users?

Is Deploy really designed for “Update”?


PS: How about updating the Topic Categories, or adding a “none of the above” since we’re now up to Ionic 3.

Deploy is designed to ‘update’ your app. You still need a binary in iTunes connect/Play store for that. So no, it’s not possible to directly deploy without going through the app store (unless you’ve created your own off course). After you’ve got your app live in stores, you can deploy anytime you need to update the HTML/JS part of your app. If you make changes to native code/code that talks with native (like plugins) you still need to update through iTunes connect/Google Playstore.

Ionic2/Ionic3 has become Ionic on the forum. We don’t make assumptions about versioning anymore unless explicitly speaking about Ionic V1, which is AngularJS and works completely different.

If you look at the navigation on Ionic Docs - Ionic Documentation you will notice that it is titled “Live Update” there, which is a much better name in my opinion. You “deploy” the updates to the apps already installed via traditional routes.

Thank you, your explanation would do well on the Deploy site! :slight_smile:

Can you explain the JS (TS) side of the update process for me, I thought there was a build (transpile ??) required for changes to the TS code - so you are saying a Play Store release is only required when there are updates/additions to the native plugins?


Thanks, yes I went through the entire process on a test app today and got to the end and was wondering what to do next as there was no download link for other users. And the docs said that I needed a mobile device - well, I didn’t because there is no way to install on a mobile device from the site?

I’m sure deploy will be useful, it’s just not what I was hoping for, as I don’t want my app on the Play Store since it is for selected users only, so I guess I will continue to use sideloading.

Yes, app distribution is another beast. Players there are HockeyApp or Relution.