Ionic deploy service

Hello everyone, I am trying out the Ionic framework so far everything has been great; however I am now trying the command “$ ionic deploy” but the CLI keeps stating that deploy is not a valid task, is this service still not ready to be checked out?


What are you trying to do?

There is “ionic upload” which will upload to the ionic site
There is “Ionic run” with will run it on a device
There is “Ionic emulate xxxx” which will run on what ever platform you define


The “Ionic deploy” is a task similar to “Ionic upload” the deploy service is supposed to update the app on the clients phones without going through the play store.
Check it out for yourself:


Damn that’s awesome. I didn’t know that existed. I am definitely going to have to check that out

So the deploy service is something we are still working on.
Can’t use it at the moment :smile:

Too bad, I had my heart set on testing this service :frowning:

As soon as its ready, we will let you all know :wink:

I see the feature is available but is it ready?

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Can we have an update on this ? Is the deploy service available now ?
We can find documentation on it at but it’s not mentioned if it is beta or release.

bump. I’m sick of waiting 10 days for an app to make it through the AppStore

Hey I’m curious @mhartington where we can ask questions, discuss features, and report bugs about the new alpha Ionic Deploy Service, thanks!

Deploy is in alpha now.

You can find out how to set deploy up and ask questions on our gitter channel