Ionic ios app deployment

Hi All,

I need your valuable inputs for selecting deployment approach of ios app !
How to select best approach for deployment?

  1. Deployment through apple app store
  2. Deployment through ionic pro?

I have gone through documentation for both but i am still not sure.
What are the pros and cons for both approaches ? Which one is cheaper? and what about post deployment support?

Looking forward to hear from you.

This is not really an either-or situation: You can only deploy iOS apps through the app store (or enterprise measures, but I assume you are talking about a consumer app), so you have to use that.

You then only have the option to additionally use Ionic Pro Live Deploy to “skip” the app store approval process for updates with changes that only are in your Ionic app. If you want to change anything native in your app, you still have to update via the AppStore though. And it also makes sense to push the current state to the App Store, so new users already download the most recent version on the first try, without the need for Ionic Deploy to be triggered at first start (and cost a few more seconds).

Not using Ionic Pro is cheaper than using Ionic Pro, as you need the Ionic Pro licence.

What does that mean?

Think of your app as a container with a core. The container contains all your plugins, splashscreen, anything native. The core is your actual html/js/css. When you build your app, the container and the core are packaged together and you can publish this on the App Store. The Ionic Pro Deploy allows you to post new “cores” in the Ionic git repository. When a user starts your app, it will check for a newer version of the core. If one is available, it will download it, replace it’s current core and run the newest version. This is great for quick updates to your code.

So in short, you need to publish at least once to the app store and then you can do quick updates using the Ionic Pro Deploy. The downside is that if you add plugins or change your splashscreen, those won’t get published with new cores. You need to package and publish a new version to the app store but since those additions are rare, you can take care of most of your small updates with Ionic’s Deploy method.

Thank you for your input Sujan. Post deployment means updates and monitoring your app.

Thank you for you response Loki. You detailed description helped me a lot to understand this process as i haven’t done any deployment in past.
Thank you once again !