Rename package and install

Hi there,

so I am creating an app for a client who wants multiple branded versions of the same app. My client would like to have all of these apps on his phone at the same time.

I figure to do this I will just change the package ID in config.xml and then run ionic cordova build android however when I try to install more than one instance of the APK on the device (and my own Nexus 6p for that matter), it doesn’t work. I just get a generic “App Not Installed” error. This is a surprise because I figured if I change the package id, it effectively makes it a separate application, is that not the case?

If I remove the first instance of the application (even with a different id) and try again, it works.

I’ve installed an APK info tool just to make sure the ID is updating for each branded build and it is.

Am I missing a step?


OK so if I run ionic cordova platform remove android ionic platform add android and build the new app it works.

It seems like the ionic cordova build android command isn’t clearing something up maybe?

just update package name in config.xml and googeservices.json. It works.