My app has two app IDs associated with it

So I just finished this app for a client but I made a big mistake and I hope it’s not too late to fix it.

I had a previous app from which I had a lot of code I could reuse for this app, so I copied a bunch of files and directories to my new app’s folder. And the previous app’s ID was along for the ride as well. When I ran the app in debug mode a message appeared saying there was a newer version available, and when I chose to update, my previous app loaded. I oversaw this issue for a long time but now that I’ve built my app for release and ran it on my device, it always loads the other app instead of the one I’m trying to run.

Which brings me to the question: in which files is the App ID configured? I already changed it in package.json and config.xml, as well as in some config files from the Android directory. I am currently having an issue figuring out which script writes the strings.xml file from res/values, since it is generated on every build and if I chnage the app ID manually from there I get an error, which means there are other files where the wrong app ID is still present. So if someone could point out all the files in which the App ID appears, I would be super grateful. I just can’t seem to totally fix this.

Thanks in advance!

If you have corrected your config.xml and package.json and custom scripts why you don’t remove and add the platform again? Or did you modify manually some code in your platform? if no, I would remove and add it again then

 ionic cordova platform rm android --save
 ionic cordova platform add android --save

It had to do with etither the package ID or the version number, but I changed it and everything works fine :slight_smile:

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