Migrating of Ionic 3 Project to Ionic 4

You need to follow below steps to migrating an existing application from Ionic 3 to 4.Steps are follows -

  • First, Install the latest version of Ionic

$ npm install -g ionic

The -g means it is a global install.

  • Now create a new project using the blank template -

$ ionic start myApp blank --type=angular

Please check full example on this URL:https://allexperts16.blogspot.com/2018/08/migrating-of-an-existing-application-from-Ionic-3-to-4.html

Funny to see the same post as I already commented on reddit :wink:

Don’t want to be that a jerk, but your post really looks like just a copy/paste of the documentation. Even some sentences are the exact same as in the doc

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