Update a project from Ionic 3 to Ionic 4!


I am trying to upgrade an ionic/angular app from ionic 3 to 4, my current version is 3.9.0 and the traditional npm install ionic@4.13.11 does not work.

I tried many tutorials but seems ionic has changed his way of installation, i tried to install the ionic/angular@4.13.11 but if i install the latest version of npm install -g ionic it conflicts.

I tried to install only @ionic/angular@4.13.11 with my current global ionic, but it conflicts even with node version, my app runs in node v14.17.0, i updated the node to many versions like v14.20, v16.10 and the latest but also conflicts.

Anyone can help me? I need to start this update ASAP and i just cannot find the solution.

Thi guide(Updating to v4 | Ionic Documentation) its outdated i think, i really need a solution because i am trying to exactly what is told to do, the intention is to upgrade from 3 to 7.

Ty all in advance.

I have the same problème !

Yeah, i gived up and are going to Ionic 7, its harder work but its only thing i can do.

I’m waiting for an answer from official Ionic and for them to modify the “update v3 to v4” page or announce that it’s impossible in 2023 to upgrade from v3 to v4.
If they don’t reply, I’ll give up on Ionic!

Yeah, its not good, sadly i dont have the option to abandon Ionic. But the transition to v3 to v7 its less painfull then i imagine, maybe you should give it a try.