How can i update my ionic 3 app to ionic4?

I can’t find step by step guide to install ionic 4 and I am not sure which version I need to download can someone tell me how to upgrade to ionic 4/angular 8.

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With major versions, I would always recommend spawning a new project with ionic start and then parachuting your old app code in manually. I find generally better results with that strategy than with any attempt to upgrade in place.


what about this: ?

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Ionic 3 to 4 is not trivial as I have discovered, there are many differences in how the pages load, lifecycle events, modals interact etc and the syntax too.

It’s simply not worth the effort of trying to do it in place.

Start a new project - bite the bullet and port over the app bit by bit.

For what it’s worth, I think the migration guide provided by Ionic team is misleading and should not be followed.

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