Migrate Ionic 3 to 5 or 6

Hello, everyone.

I am working on an Ionic 3 Angular project. Due to so many deprecated library or plugin. It’s time to migrate it to newer Ionic version. For sure I have googled so many suggestions how to migrate to new Ionic. Some people suggest from 3->4->5->6 and others suggest 3->6. The biggest problem is Ionic 3 to 4 is a huge change, and plenty of Cordova(Ionic Native) or NPM plugins are outdated for newer version Ionic. The Redux plugin @angular-redux/store we are using even has deprecated for 4 years. GitHub - angular-redux/store: Angular 2+ bindings for Redux. More people are using NgRX now. If I migrate like 3->4->5->6, I am afraid I need to do the same works for every migration and I have to consider if the plugin version will suitable for each Ionic and Angular version. If I migrate to Ionic 6 and Angular 13 directly, I probably just use the newest plugins.
Is there anyone who have experience migrating Ionic 3 to newer version can share experiences to me or give me some suggestions?

Just create a new ioni 6 project and copy/paste the code for old project to new. of course you may need to refactor some but this is going to save you a lot of time.

I did the migration of a project from 3->4->5 and each took between 1-2 months.
I Ithink that in your case it would be better to go from 3->6 but I would approach it as a new project altogether, basically you bootstrap a new projects and start to add the pages one by one using the new code and library dependencies.