Upgrade to lastest versions of Ionic and Angular


Sorry in advance if this has been asked already.

I have a set of Ionic 3/Angular 4 apps that I want to upgrade the latest versions of Ionic and Angular. I’ve sifted through the migration guides a bit, and there is a migration guide from 3 -> 4 and from 4 -> 5.

I’m wondering, should I follow the same path and upgrade that way, or should I go straight from 3 -> 5? I’m thinking that there isn’t any reason to go through the intermediary step of going from 3->4, but I’m a relative Ionic noob so I’m open to advice on this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

I can only share my experience: The Migration from ionic 3 to ionic 4 is not a small task. If i need to update a old App (i need to at the moment), i start with a complete new Ionic 5 App and copy Page per Page, Class per Class. Sadly there are many changes between this Version so copying stuff is only maybe 40% of the Work and you have to adjust many things again, etc.


Just to add a voice to what @EinfachHans is saying, I concur that there is no point in incrementally upgrading, and recommend using a freshly spawned project into which you parachute your existing code over attempting to upgrade the project in place.

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Excellent. That’s what I’ll do then… Thanks for the responses!