Managing an app upgrade to beta-14


I am building an app with Ionic Beta-11.

I have done quite some work in modifying the following.

  • CSS (Ex, Background Color, Textbox CSS, Button CSS, Header CSS etc)
  • JS (Ex, Height, Width of some controls which are generating dynamically)

Now I have seen that Ionic has released Beta-14, and I applied this to fix some issues and realized that all the changes I have done in previous version needs to be redone in Beta-14.

Could you advise how to handle this assuming that there will be future versions of Ionic & I want to minimize the custom changes that I have to redo every-time Ionic releases a new version.

I understand that I will have to do somethings again but not rebuild the whole app.

Please Advice.

Jack Rose.

Hey there,

So for making sure you don’t have to go back and edit the ionic source in the next update, I’d take a look at angular.extend

This will allow you to extend controllers and directives, but keep your changes separate from the source.

As far as CSS changes, work with SCSS.
This will allow you to override things properly and not worry about editing the source css file.