When shall I upgrade my project's Ionic libraries?

TL;DR version:

I want to update my project’s Ionic libraries, but the way I started designing my application, back when it was in beta phase, it had a lot of custom changes (just html/ionic tags, no tweaks in Ionic’s bundles) which are different from what it’s supposed to be, according to the docs. So my app doesn’t function in the same way if I update it.

So, I have been developing an application with Ionic framework since January and that means I started with the beta v14 of it.
While developing my application, I used to add components and attributes in the way it fitted my requirements.
For example:
I added overflow-scroll="true" since the scroll was kinda laggy on my Moto G having Android 4.4.4. This fixed it. But now, when I had upgraded my Ionic to rc1, the scroll did not work on the first template, while on the rest it did. Then I got rid of overflow-scroll="true" from all the ion-content tags and now scroll worked only on first template, while in the rest, it didn’t. The scroll was now better, but still laggy.
I have a constant header throughout, which is in my index.html. My first template has a nav bar and then a search bar. Then my content (list of folders) goes in a list of ng-repeat.
The 2nd template has nav-bar, then ion-tabs where each tab has it’s contents. Then there’s a search bar, and then the list of files. I had to add an extra div with class="bar bar-header" before my content in each tab, which prevented my content from going behind the tabs.

That was one noticable issue i spotted easily after the upgrade, along with some minor ones which changed the design a bit. In whichever way I’ve designed, it might not be good/ideal, but having less experience with designing, i could come up with only that much when i encountered problems with the design.

Also, when I started developing my app, my application didn’t route properly when I used to navigate from the pages I navigated using side menus. So I had to make my menu as a whole new template page, and with some tweaks in the direction of transition and stuff, I made it appear like a side menu.

So, I wanted to know when would be the ideal time to upgrade, because I am afraid to keep on changing my design’s code after each upgrade. Also, I’d be glad to know when will there be an official stable release of Ionic.

Thank you,