Macbook for Ionic Development Recommendation

Hey everyone,

My '07 Macbook Pro is on it’s last legs and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on going with the Macbook Air versus Macbook Pro for Ionic and Web development. As soon as you mention XCode to an Apple employee they say to get a Pro, but I was wondering if developers have found it actually beneficial for this type of development. I’m worried about the 13" being too small too!

If there is like a minimum specs to look for in a comp that works too!

Sorry if this is way off the normal topics! Just knew this was the perfect community to ask since this is most of the development that I do.

I’ve been using my macbook pro for development and I have been very happy. It is just slightly heavier than an air and has quad core, more ram, and hard disk space.

The air is a great system too, I know some developers who use it. It really comes down to price and weight. If money were not an issue and you don’t mind the extra weight, get the pro. Otherwise, go with the air.