Mac OS cloud environment for exporting ipk file?

Hello guys,

I’m on windows and I need to export an app into an ipk file.
Is there any Mac OS cloud server website which anyone can access and do what they want?
I hope there is… if not, I might buy a small mac laptop for exporting ipk files.

For windows browsers, we have websites like It gives you windows web browser testing environment right out of box at no charge. I’m wondering if Mac OS cloud testing site is out there.

Thanks in advance

Use ionic pro service for this

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That is certainly one of the solutions. I don’t use Ionic Pro but will check that out.
If there’s mac OS cloud environment, let me know too because I’m interested in checking out Swift / Objective-C for iOS as well.
Installing Hackintosh on my laptop is another way to try that.

Irrespective of the service u use, i believe you will be spending bucks on a xcode license, as compared to apk

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or I can buy a small macbook for only $75

Well you could also use the Google Apps console (logging everything), I’m exploring that for myself :slight_smile:

for iOS?
There are a few companies which let you try windows 10 on browser…
I don’t remember their website addresses… and I think it could be that there are few guys who do the same for mac os.